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Kiotr - Kitty Pryde and Colossus fans

What are the odds I'll actually finish this?

What are the odds I'll actually finish this?

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Aeryn/John meltdown
I was looking through my files today, and I found this. I completely forgot about this ...ficlet, I guess. Anyway ..

Title: Only a Dream
Fandom: X-Men
Pairing: Kiotr
Rating: T for Teen or U for Unfinished

Note: For those of you who don't know the story, once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They fell in love as boys and girls are wont to do. Unfortunately their ages, 14 and 19 respectively, and his honor, prohibited them from acting on this devotion. The guy with the adamantium claws didn't help much either. Anyway, eventually the guy, in a remarkable act of stupidity (Jim Shooter, the editor, was getting nervous about where they were heading and ordered the writers to break them up.) the boy breaks the girl's heart. They both end up on different ends of the world before they know what hit them. No reconciliation is made, although they still care for each other. Many years later, (Dude, 20 or more!) after much soap opera-y angsting: Illyana dies, he joins the bad guys, she betrays him to get him away from the bad guys, he goes back to the bad guys anyway, she gets a boyfriend, he nearly kills said boyfriend (hurray! I hated Wisdom) in a fit of jealous rage ( I mean the guy walked across the ocean for her. sheesh) she gives him the boot for beating up her wanker, I mean boyfriend, ummm, more years pass, he dies saving mutant-kind, she spreads his ashes over Lake Baikal and misses him now that he's dead, (contrary bitch) and then she finds him (he got better!) a couple years later being a mutant guinea pig for another bad guy. They are reunited and hover around each other, but that's it. This is where we are in the X-Men. I'm a little frustrated.

In the light of that, this ficlet was written. Un-beta'd. I need a beta. Be gentle. *cringe*

Twirl me about, twirl me around,
Let me grow dizzy and fall to the ground.
And when I look up at you looking down,
Say it was only a dream
-Mary Chapin-Carpenter

"So, what did you want to show me?" Kitty Pryde asked as they walked down the hall toward their rooms at the Xavier Institute. She was very curious as to what the great secret was. Peter was reticent to share his work, yes, but not with her! She felt a little put-out that he had been keeping secrets.

"Tcha! Katya, patience. Never your strongest aspect, as I seem to recall," Peter teased, earning himself a half-hearted shove from his slight companion. He didn't budge. When they reached his door, he shook his head and gestured for her to continue. He lead her to her own room and gallantly opened the door for her. Inside sat an easel near the open window. A crisp autumn breeze playfully ruffled the cloth covering the shape of a portrait. Peter led her forward and carefully positioned her in front of the easel. With only a slight breath to betray his anxiety, he pulled away the covering.

She gasped, standing utterly still. For long minutes she stood gazing at it wonderingly.

"You like it?" Peter asked. He couldn't help but feel a little smug at her rapt expression.

"I wish I really was that … well. Pretty." She sighed wistfully, then she chuckled.
"Seriously though, it's beautiful, Peter. I don't know what to say."

Peter's brow wrinkled at her words. He disliked her lack of self-confidence and wondered, not for the first time, if perhaps he may have had a hand in it's destruction so many years ago. He shook his head.

"Nyet," the Russian said seriously, "I could not do justice…" He tried again. "It is but a pale reflection, my Katya. I could not capture your true beauty -- your joy, your inner light, your laughter." Peter looked down quickly, a little taken aback by his own exuberance.

Growing up in the shadow of goddesses (literally!) like Storm, and Psylock, Phoenix and Rogue, she never had developed much of a positive body image. She just pretended not to care and dressed in baggy sweatshirts and slouchy sweaters worn over comfortable blue jeans. Kitty took a moment to run a quick inventory of deficits. She was too skinny, too short, too flat-chested, too everything to ever really stand out. Just a mousy brunette. 'Nope, nothing exceptional here.' She realized with a start that while she was ruminating, she was also fixedly staring at Peter. His shy smile had faded.

"I know you will choose not to believe me, Katya," Peter said softly, "but you truly have blossomed into a beautiful young woman." He flushed ever so slightly. "I do not say such things lightly, or in jest, malinka."

"Peter…" Kitty felt her eyes become suddenly damp. She bit her lip, unsure how to respond. In her hesitation, Peter stepped back.

"I should go." Peter offered awkwardly. "It's getting late."

"No!" Kitty exclaimed. "I mean, please don't. You are not leaving without a hug, mister. I'm such an ungrateful wretch." She offered, hoping to delay his leaving. She stepped over to her tall teammate and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you," she whispered, "so very much. You really didn't need to get me anything. You, just being here, is more than enough. I was devastated when I thought we'd -- I'd -- lost you."

She leaned back enough to look into his cerulean eyes. She could feel the tears coming again. "It's worth all the presents I'll ever get, just to have you back again." She hugged him tighter.

Peter was speechless. He hugged his slender companion firmly, but paid strict attention to how he handled her. He wouldn't harm her for the world. He stroked her cheek gently.

Heart beating rapidly in her throat, Kitty leaned up on her tip-toes and reached up to kiss him. This was a maneuver that took all her courage as it hinged on his willingness to participate. She couldn't reach all the way up to his 6 and half foot frame without his compliance. He leaned down to her and the kiss they shared was sweet. Chaste. They separated and watched each other solemnly.

Kitty licked her bottom lip as if chasing a sweet and it's all Peter could do not to groan. As one, they leaned toward each other again and this time the kiss was different. This time they reached for the other's lips, mouth, tongue, with greed. He deftly captured her lower lip with his teeth, his lips, and salved it gently with his tongue before running it against her teeth, begging for admittance.

Kitty hummed softly, rolled her head back and invited him in, sucking at him before slanting her mouth wider. She felt her cheeks begin to tingle as an aroused flush crept over her body. A giddy rush of endorphins that had her panting, softly puffing against his mouth. She felt a liquid heaviness tighten below her belly and gooseflesh broke out on her arms. 'Damn, I'm so in trouble.' She thought ruefully.

His large, square hand found its way down the soft path of her grey hoodie to the small of her back and then up to her shoulder again. It followed this path a few times before, seemingly of it's own accord, it swept up underneath. He ran his calloused palm over her soft, warm flesh and felt her shiver. He chased after her tongue and then retreated, in hopes of drawing her in, but instead she pulled back. Nipping his lips a few times to prove that she wasn't alarmed at this sudden turn of events, Kitty finally, reluctantly pulled back. Her ego was soothed by his attempt to recapture her mouth. She smiled and ducked her head down and hugged him, snuggling her forehead against the hollow of his throat.

"Katooosha," he murmured softly. He cradled her lithe form against his, stroking her back, and rubbed his chin against the crown of her head. He felt giddy, as if he were falling from a great height, with only his Katya to ground him. He smiled at his absurdity.

Kitty braced her hands on his massive shoulders and leaned back again. His hands automatically slid to her waist, keeping her snug against him, safe. She always felt safe in his arms, she mused. Seven years, and I'm still falling for him. It was a long way to fall.

Ignoring her heart, which felt like it was trying to flutter out of her chest and take up residence is his, she whispered. "Where do we go from here?"
  • Only a Dream

    Fantastic job, Anhayla.

    My only real quibble here, was that it was too damn short! ;) I sincerely hope you finish this, because you surely wouldn't want to leave me hanging, would you??

    Your choices in word description and story composition, are both concise and compelling. Do you have any stories posted at FanFiction.net? If not, then you should! If you do, then how could I have missed it?!!

    I love that you've written little bits of insight into Kitty and Peter's thoughts. Too many mediocre stories leave out small, but important details like that to flesh out their characters. You also write sensual scenes very well. They're detailed in description and emotional responses, and I thought that they were wonderful. One question though (I feel a little stupid, but I gotta ask), did or did not, Peter make it to second base in this scene? I'm not quite sure, but if he did, then seeing both of their re-actions to this new development between them might be nice.

    I'm rather curious as to what an actual Beta does for a writer (another stupid question I'm sure, but I'd like to know :) ). Is it basically editing and proof reading a story before it's made public? If that's the case, then I don't think you have much to worry. The only thing I saw was perhaps a slight error in verb tense in a paragraph, and that's about it.

    Kitty's question at the very end bears repeating. I'm not sure what the odds are that you'll finish this story, but I really hope that you do. I mentioned to an aquaintance of mine (and a damned good author) recently that there isn't enough quality Kiotr stories to be found on the net. Compared to the Kete stories to be found; Kiotr is definitely the underdog in internet visibility.

    Your mood was 'intimidated' when you posted this, but I believe you shouldn't be. For whatever my opinion may be worth, I think you should complete "Only A Dream", and post it on other sites. I'm sure you'll get a positive reception!

    • Re: Only a Dream

      I am so sorry for never answering this. I meant to, I really did! I even went off in search of my two other stories on the net, but couldn't find them. I wonder if I even have them.... Any way to answer the easy question, yes I've written and posted fanfic before. Just not in the X-Men Universe. I wrote a bit in Farscape.

      I feel really bad because what you wrote made me all misty, you were so sweet. I have severe confidence problems, especially when I write. I always feel like people are going to laugh at me. Pretty much, for me a beta is someone who reads the story and makes sure it makes sense. A good one will call you on your writing, when you are inching around something you don't want to tackle. I need one who will hold me responsible and not let me back out. I'm a chicken. I have a pretty good grasp on the language, but it's true I don't always see my own mistakes. Are you sure you don't know how to beta, because your response was very much like one. :) You called me on the second base thing. Truth is I don't know. I wanted him to go there, but Piotr is a gentleman, so...

      I will revisit this story. If anything Madripoor Rose just posted a fic that has my brain lifting off in ten different direction. It's one of those, "I'd give my left kidney to be able to tell stories like that!" I'm going to keep trying anyhow. :)
      • Re: Only a Dream

        Hi Anhayla,

        Everything's cool by me, no apology is necessary. :)

        My husband has been a huge Farscape fan since it's beginning, and eventually made me a fan too, a few years ago. I'd love to see your take on the Crichton & Aeryn relationship, or a scene with Scorpius/Harvey. I'm also a big fan of Firefly/Serenity. Am I the only one that sees a correlation between Simon, Kaylee, and River, with Peter, Kitty, and Illyana? Everytime I mention it to someone, they think I'm crazy. If you're a fan too, I'm interested in what you think of this. Does my correlation make any sense? At any rate, I'm a diehard Simon and Kaylee shipper, and thankfully there are some good stories about them on FF.net.

        Speaking of FF.net, I really think that you should seriously consider posting there. Don't let any confidence issues hold you back. Easy for me to say I know, (especially since I have my own insecurities about the possibility of posting stories) but having seen your work, it's obvious that you have a real aptitude for writing. There is just no way in hell that ANYONE could laugh at such a carefully composed piece of work. You have Peter's "character voice" down cold. Not an easy thing to do, as I'm sure you've realized by reading just a fraction of the fanfics out there. So many authors take Peter's shyness to an absolute extreme, or write him as completely witless. Or the most common, they write his accent so thick that I can never quite understand his dialogue. Whedon himself said it recently in an interview - Colossus is a tough person to write. Peter's character is shy, but passionate once you see past the polite reserve. You captured that beautifully. Kitty, I think would be a little easier to write, but she's currently in a rather conflicted state of mind right now, and you captured that too. I'd like to see more of this story, and how it all ends. Please give yourself the credit you deserve, and believe in how talented you really are.

        I swear to God that I've never beta'd anything in my life! LOL. From what you say, it seems like a beta is supposed to be good at giving an unbiased perspective, and be a writer's cheerleader when need be. If you should ever find yourself needing a sounding board, I (very) humbly offer whatever assistance that it's in my power to give.

        Sounds like you read Madripoor Rose's Bloodline:Survivor, fanfic. Reading a story of that caliber tends to inspire other writers to do something marvelous doesn't it? ;D

        I consider myself fortunate to add you to a list of respected Kiotr writers that I've corresponded with. If for any reason you should get the inclination, send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.

        Good luck with your story, and I hope to see more soon! Take care.


        • Re: Only a Dream

          I'm really thinking about posting this. I just want to go back through it and maybe add a little more. I need to come up with some kind of plot line. I tend to write vignettes.

          I'm a huge Scaper! I went to the Farscape Con in Burbank two years ago and it was so much fun! Also, I found the link to my story. "When Skies are Grey": http://www.geocities.com/fol_anhayla/farfic/grey.htm It's a post Season 2 fic. I am totally in love with the John?Aeryn ship. They're so complex and passionate, I'd love to write that kind of thing for Kitty and Piotr.
          There's also one story called "Waiting for Tomorrow" on there, but it's not very good.

          I'd love for you to read my stuff! I promise I'll let you know when I write again. Right now I'm taking two classes and teaching, so I don't have any free time. Maybe Spring Break... lol!

          The Simon/Kaylee/River correlation ... huh. No, I never thought of that, but I'm going to go and think about it for a while. Interesting. *ruminates*
          I LOVED old X-Men before the break up and Illyana's death. That was the golden age for me. I have this whole alternate universe that I've been telling stories to myself about. Maybe I'll start writing those down, huh?
          It's really great finding another Kitty/Piotr shipper to talk to, we're such a rare breed. LOL

          Have you seen the spoiler picture from #13? It made me squee!
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          Sixteen more days, sixteens more days, sixteen more days....

  • I know I'm replying to a post that's months old, but what the heck? :)

    First, this:
    They fell in love as boys and girls are wont to do. Unfortunately their ages, 14 and 19 respectively, and his honor, prohibited them from acting on this devotion. The guy with the adamantium claws didn't help much either.
    Admittedly, Wolvie wanted to make sure that Peter treated Kitty well, but after they broke up... basically, Wolvie took Peter out to a bar, where they ran into, hmm, Juggernaut, I think, just there having a drink? Juggy and Peter got into a fight, and Wolvie stood there and watchced. Saved him from having to do it himself.

    I have too comments on the text:
    Kitty probably wouldn't think of the women she's fought beside by their superhero names, or at least not Ororo and Betty. I'm not sure she was around Phoenix enough to think of her, but maybe Meggan instead?

    The only other comment is that I'm not sure about how much kissing Peter has done. As in really, truly totally uncertain.
    • First of all : Lovvvve the icon! :)

      Second, Wow! You have some excellent points there. I'm currently reworking this so that it's more in line with what's going on in AXM right now, so this is absolutely timely. I also need a beta, so if you've seen anything else....

      I so love Wolvie. he rocks!

      As far as the names, you are totally right. Thanks, I'm going to change it to first names. Duh! That fits much better.

      As for the second, well... he had a sexual relationship with Callisto in his Peter Nicholas days, fathered a child with Nereel, double dated with Kurt, and kissed Rogue once, and Kitty ... more than once, so I'm going with 'The boy can kiss"... LOL! But thanks for the call. Keeps me honest. Also I've made it clear in the re-draft that no second base was reached, not in this chapter anyway *nudge nudge wink wink*

      Please keep reading! ALso, if you haven't been to read the Bloodlines stories at FF.Net yet... go! Kirayoshi posted chapter 2 here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2808334/1/
  • (Anonymous)
    Oh, that was so sweet! I'd love to see you finish it. I liked the bit about Kitty's body image...growing up around goddesses and supermodels with superpowers would have an effect on one's self esteem. And the kiss! Great ficlet.

    The nonjournaling Madripoor Rose.
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