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A community for all things related to Kitty Pryde and Colossus of The X-Men.
This community was created by unwritten_words, and is dedicated to the Kitty Pryde/Piotr Rasputin 'ship in the X-Men comic series.

We welcome posting of discussion, icons, fanfiction, and fanart to anything pertaining to Colossus & Shadowcat, and comics in general.


* Remember to use an lj-cut for posting spoilers from new comics, movies, etc. and any large images.

Fanfic posting:

* Include headers and a rating.

* Use an lj-cut.

Image posting:

* Put comic scans, fanart, icons (if more than three), and other sorts of images behind an lj-cut.

Kiotr Community banner and icons designed by Unwritten Words.

If anyone has questions about the community, please contact amokitty

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